Wow! Time has slipped away.

14 Dec

I just realized I hadn’t done anything with this blog in a while, sorry.  With the holiday season coming up I have busy working on knitting and haven’t put the looms down.  But I thought I would check in and let all of you know that we are working on getting the Loom Knitting Central site set up.  Hopefully it will be up and running soon.  Thank you for stopping by and keep checking back.

New Looms

16 Sep

What a great day today! In the mail I got my new looms from DA Looms – 5 Round Loom set in Regular Gauge and 12″ Knitting Board in Small Gauge and Regular Gauge. I also got my eBay purchase of the Knifty Knitter Mom & Me set. I love the pegs on the Adult Hat Loom from Knifty Knitter and the Mom & Me set – they are my “turbo pegs”.
My wonderful husband has been making my extreme looms ranging in sizes of 22″ to 40″ diameter round looms. They will be a great addition to my loom collection.

Relaxing Afghan

31 Aug

Relaxing Afghan

Starting to work on Christmas gifts this month … the first and most time consuming gift this year is the Relaxing Afghan from “Learn to Knit on Circle Looms” with pattern designer Denise Layman.  The original pattern creates an afghan 48″ x 54″ but I am adjusting the size to fit my husbands request.  I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Coffee, Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Cafe, and Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Aran. 

So far, I have 1 of 5 panels completed.  The first panel took a good part of today. 

Update:  I have 5 of the 5 panels completed.  Now to get them sewn together.  08.26.2010

Knifty Knitter Looms

15 Aug

My Knifty Knitter Looms

Okay, I think I have enough Knifty Knitter looms.  I love them all, and since they are available on the mass market it seems I have quite the collection of them.  I have four that are not in the picture, they currently have wonderful loom projects on them, I have a long pink loom with a scarf on it, I have a round green loom and 1 round yellow loom that has the “Relaxing Afghan” on it, and a round blue loom that has a scarf on it. 

Before you ask …  No, I don’t write patterns (I do buy a lot of them), I don’t work for Provo Craft or any other craft store, I don’t teach loom knitting.  I just have found a hobby that I enjoy …  I don’t know if my Knifty Knitter collection will grow, unless of course they add more products and other gauges of looms, so my next collection will be Authentic Knitting Boards, I currently only have 3 of them, and I probably won’t get as many of them as they tend to be a little more expensive and I don’t find them on sale as often as I do the Knifty Knitters.  Or, it might be DA Looms (I have 5 of them), but I will have to wait until DA Looms can be purchased in the store, because I don’t like that there is a 2-5 week waiting period for the looms.  Until next time.  Happy Looming!

New Loomer in Training

8 Aug
William Knitting

William Learning to Loom Knit

Thursday night my neice and nephew spent the night, and on Friday my 7 year-old nephew asked if he could learn to knit with me.  What could I say …. my heart melted and we sat on the couch and he quickly leared how to cast-on and e-wrap.  He sat on the couch quietly knitting until his mom came to pick him up for the day.  So, as he left we packed up the blue Knifty Knitter round loom, a set of instructions, the I Taught Myself to Loom Knit book, pick, yarn needle and blue Red Heart yarn and sent it home with him.  Saturday morning at coffee, his mom reported that he stayed up until 12:30am loom knitting and watching television with his dad.  He had taken the time to show his twin sister, mom and dad how to loom knit.  He is secretly making his dad a scarf for Christmas, currently his project is 6″ long.  He is a great kid and I am happy that he has found this journey.

In the Attic Book

4 Aug
In the Attic Round Loom Knitting Patterns

In the Attic Round Loom Knitting Patterns

Today my part of my order from Wal-Mart online arrived … it was the looming book “In the Attic Round Loom Knitting Patterns” by Nicole Clark.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the book, but I was pleasantly surprised the book is written in a clear and detailed description of loom knitting.  The patterns are very simple with a variety of options that are available.   I currently do not own any of the In the Attic looms, but I am sure they will be on order soon.  The contents of the book include:

  • General Information
  • Wrapping the Pegs
  • Knitting Off Methods
  • Knitting A Flat Piece
  • Dishcloth/Hot Pad (Pattern)
  • Removing Projects from the Loom
  • Cinched Method
  • Flat Method
  • Shaped Method
  • Test Swatch
  • Increasing Stitches
  • Decreasing Stitches
  • Adding Stripes
  • Horizontal Stripes
  • Vertical Stripes
  • Adding Fringe
  • Adding Pom-Poms
  • Make a Hat
  • Make a Hat with a Brim
  • Make a Rolled Edge Hat
  • Make a Double/Reversible Hat
  • Make a Scarf
  • Tube Scarf
  • Flat Scarf
  • Make an Afghan
  • Afghan Pattern 1
  • Afghan Pattern 2
  • Make Baby Booties
  • Make Socks
  • Adult Socks with Heel
  • Adult Slipper (Tube) Socks
  • Make a Christmas Stocking
  • Make a Sweater
  • Ideas for the Bottom of a Sleeve
  • What Now?

I Added a New Loom

30 Jul
Authentic Knitting Board Tadpole Loom

Tadpole Loom

I was at Hobby Lobby today armed with a 40% off coupon, and there it sat, a Authentic Knitting Board Tadpole loom.  With a retail price of $14.99 I could not resist to use my coupon and purchase the little 32 peg knitting board loom to add to my collection for the low price of $8.99.  I am new to the Authenitic Knitting Boards, I currently have the Authentic Knitting Board Sock Loom, 10″ Loom and now the Tadpole.

The Tadpole Loom comes with the following patterns:

  • Izzy Scarf
  • Baby Boo Hat and Booties
  • Kid’s Block
  • Poka Headband
  • Benny Bear
  • Tassel Tote